Lean Manufacturing & OEE

How do the goals of better OEE and lean manufacturing go hand in hand? “Basically, do you want to eliminate any activities from your production that do not add value or contribute to waste? Then you want lean manufacturing procedures in place,” states this manufacturing productivity blog. Downtime is a huge waste on the shop

Real OEE vs Estimated OEE

In a recent newsletter from a manufacturing integrator, the subject is explored of what you think your utilization is and what it really is: A good number of our customers were able to contribute to the phenomenal growth in the manufacturing industry last year because of OEE information gathered by machine monitoring software. Often the first

More info on OEE

What exactly is OEE? Modern Machine Shop states it is Overall Equipment Effectiveness They also state “An OEE solution can enable manufacturers to achieve world-class status. More specifically, it can provide benefits in these key areas: Equipment: Reduced equipment downtime and maintenance costs, plus better management of the equipment life cycle Personnel: Labor efficiencies and increased productivity by

OEE Data for Shop Floor Conflict

The following is a re-posted blog from Shop Floor Automations. It touches on the subject of using real-time OEE data via machine monitoring to help resolve conflict on the shop floor. If there are production issues at a manufacturing company, it is likely that at one time or another, a conflict has happened between those on

Downtime is Not Sole Cause of Lost OEE

The following is a reposted article from Shop Floor Automations on why downtime is not the only factor effecting OEE on a shop floor: Yes, downtime is a huge concern and a big reason why shop floors invest in machine monitoring software. However, there are added benefits when using machine monitoring software that helps to