Lean Manufacturing & OEE

How do the goals of better OEE and lean manufacturing go hand in hand?

“Basically, do you want to eliminate any activities from your production that do not add value or contribute to waste? Then you want lean manufacturing procedures in place,” states this manufacturing productivity blog.

Downtime is a huge waste on the shop floor. Evaluating where it is coming from and why it is happening can be a challenge.

“When management and machinists butt heads over downtime, it can be stressful. The machinists know what the problem is and try to convey it. Management just thinks it comes down to excuses or poor work ethic. Machine monitoring can help with this divide.”

The blog continues “Machine monitoring helps to evaluate OEE on the shop floor. Data from unknown and planned downtimes is compiled into easy to understand charts and reports. People across the manufacturing company can see what is going on, good or bad.”