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data for all

Monitoring OEE helps present data that helps productivity across the whole shop floor.

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Real-Time Data

Monitoring machine availability, performance and quality in real-time is crucial.

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more than downtime

It's important to evaluate more than downtime on a shop floor. Why?

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Benefits manufacturers have seen from researching their machine OEE:

OEE is overall equipment efficiency. These three letters mean so much to so many manufacturers across America.

“We have been able to increase our productivity by 25 percent just monitoring the machine utilization.”

“Benefits are significant increases in machine utilization, better [internal] information flow.”

“The company began to measure not just its cycle time and not just the processing of individual parts, but the entire performance of its CNC machines around the clock. Implementing machine monitoring software, the company began to measure the in-cycle and out-of-cycle time of 11 CNC machines…an almost immediate 5-percentage-point improvement in measured performance [happened].”

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